AfriCLP Inception Meeting. Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam Tanzania. 29th Jan - 6th Feb 2018
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After successful implementation of three phases (2008-2016) of the African Climate Change Fellowship Program (ACCFP), the Africa Climate Change Network (ACCN) has been launched in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 29th January 2018. The network is aimed at strengthening the relationship between African Climate Change Scientists, Policy makers and practitioners, and engage diverse group of professionals from a range of disciplines and sectors to address matters related to global environmental change.

The network brings together professionals from different domains and to strengthen their capacities in conducting inter- and transdisciplinary research around climate change, global environmental change and sustainability aiming at generating solutions for sustainability and improving our understanding of the physical, biogeochemical and human dimensions of climate change and other global environmental emerging issues across Africa.

The Africa Climate Change Network engages with a wide variety of early career and senior researchers and other professionals. We work with researchers in the natural and social sciences and the humanities. We also reach out to professionals in policy, natural resources, innovation, agriculture, civil society and much more. The three main goals of the Africa Climate Change Network are;

• Enabling long-term engagement of African scientists, researchers, policy advisors and practitioners with ongoing climate initiatives in at regional and international levels.

• Gathering a voice of alumni by institutionalising dialogue on climate change science and adaptation in Africa

• To support the future generation of young scientist interested in climate change science and adaptation in Africa.

Since 2008 the ACCFP has supported African Scientists, researchers and educators in achieving long-term goals related to the Climate Adaptation in Africa. There's so much happening at the ACCN secretariat, and as a member you won't miss out. Whether you're interested in supporting future activities of the network as a mentor, reviewer, facilitator of trainings and workshops membership keeps you connected. If you are an early career professional and would like to get involved in ACCN, we invite you to join the network. For more information about the network please contact;

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