In line with the fast growing research on climate change adaptation, a number of themes are emerging in addition to the traditional ones on agriculture, natural resource management, energy and biodiversity, with a clear focus on rural development. In this regard, IDRC through the African Climate Change Fellowship Program is supporting the development of short-term courses, particularly related to emerging themes. In addition, the ACCFP Strategic Plan highlights the importance of introducing tailor made and structured training courses on climate change adaptation in order to improve focus, relevance and quality of training. The Plan further emphasizes the importance of fee-based short courses as a resource mobilization strategy.This effort will consolidate and expand upon progress in capacity building for climate change adaptation in Africa that was initiated by IRA and START. The overall goal is to develop a sustainable education program that enhances the capacity of African professionals, practitioners, university educators and their respective institutions to understand, prioritize, and integrate issues of climate change risks, vulnerability and adaptation into management planning for in Africa. This effort will:

Address the substantial capacity gaps in, and the high demand for, education and training on climate change adaptation.  Expand the number of trained professionals who can develop and implement strategies to address climate change risks and in doing so develop a critical mass of trained professionals able to engage in collaborative efforts across the region.

Strengthen local institutions and inform policy making processes that sustain, beyond the lifetime of ACCFP, efforts to integrate climate change considerations into natural resources and environmental planning and management.

Applications to participate in the ACCFP short course on climate change adaptation will be invited from African early to mid-career researchers and practitioners working in governmental/non-governmental organizations with missions to manage and protect lands, natural resources, habitat and species; master level graduate students in natural resource management, environmental science, conservation biology and related fields; and university educators currently teaching courses related to climate change impacts and adaptation. The opportunity will be advertised via the ACCFP website, networks of the Organization, the University of Dar es Salaam, International Development Research Centre-Canada (IDRC), the International Science Council (ICSU), the African Academy of Sciences, within African university consortia, and among governmental and non-governmental dealing with climate change adaptation in Africa.

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